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Let’s get you fit for the Norwegian market

  • We discuss your needs for Norwegian language services

  • You receive your quote

  • I work for you

  • You drive success with your targeted Norwegian copy

How does it work?


Based on the information that you supply about your needs I will issue a quote, and if you agree to the quote you might in some cases be required to leave a 50% deposit. Price depends on the technicity of the text and if much research is required. It also depends on your deadline and the format of your source text.


I will contact you by phone or email for any additional information that I require that was not supplied in the brief. When I have all the information I need I will produce a draft copy. You are required to read the copy and if you want to make changes I will make these accordingly. You will then receive the second draft for approval and then the final copy in electronic form.


A license to use the written content is given to you on payment of the invoice. There are no ongoing royalties and you have the right to modify the copy, as though it were your own work.


Quality assessment


You will receive your text ready to publish. As part of the quality control you can be confident I check the following before delivery:


The Way North favicon  The text is complete


The Way North favicon  The terminology is correct


The Way North favicon  The source text was interpreted correctly


The Way North favicon  The translation is stylistically correct and comprehensible


The Way North favicon  There are no spelling/grammatical mistakes


The Way North favicon  The instructions have been followed


The Way North favicon  The reference material has been followed


The Way North favicon  The formatting corresponds to the formatting of the source text



This is part of the service, and of course always included in the service fee.

  • Translation from 0,17€

    Translations into Norwegian

    300 source words / hour
    2.000 source word / day

  • Text editing from 50€/h

    Correction and improvement

    1.000 word / hour

  • Proofreading from 50€/h

    Flagging of errors

    4.000 words simple proofing / hour
    3.000 words complex proofing / hour

  • Adaption of text from 120€

    Cultural consulting

    Hourly basis

Receive a prompt and competitive price offer now