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Adapt your marketing copy

The Way North favicon Preserve the creative and emotional intent of your content


The Way North favicon Expand your audience reach


The Way North favicon Boost your results

Transcreation & Copywriting – Adapt, adapt, adapt


Is your company expanding and wants to effectively adapt the creative and emotional intent of your marketing copy?


Transcreation is the process of recreating precise brand content in a target langue. Standard translation and localisation services do not effectively preserve the creative and emotional intent of creative content that allows it to best resonate in another language and culture.


By adapting your message to your Norwegian target audience, you will create stronger bonds, expand your audience reach and generate higher revenue.



Cultural Consulting – get cultural savvy


Planning on launching one of your products on the Norwegian market? Cultural myopia and lack of cultural competency can make your development fail.


Get assistance during the different stages of your project implementation, evaluate your creative routes and get cultural savvy through cultural consulting. I offer assistance, recommendations and training for you and your staff.


Let’s say you have put together different routes and designed some points to advertise the product /service, and you would like to know what works and what doesn’t in Norwegian. I can help you assess the creative routes for your brand by analysing the appeal and the language, and work on recommendations to improve them.


You can get assessments of the concepts (top line assessment of the routes or deep analysis with research) and / or assessment of the cultural relevance of the routes for the Norwegian market.


Evaluate the creative routes for your brand or product now.



Cross-cultural training – Act smarter


Does your firm have branches in Norway and Norwegian collaborators? Are you sending international coworkers to your offices in Norway?


Develop your cultural intelligence and competency through cross-cultural training. Facilitate your business and co-worker’s integration into the new environment!


Identify and make appropriate behavioral adjustments to cross-cultural issues and increase your productivity to avoid getting stuck because of misunderstandings.


Manage work and management styles in your Norwegian branch. Develop your cultural intelligence and competency through cross-cultural training now.

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Please do take a look at the most Frequently Asked Questions and my Terms and Conditions.