Quantity Contract
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Quantity contract


Get lower rates and volume discount


The Way North favicon   A quantity contract is an interesting option if you have recurring needs for Norwegian translations and you do not want to search for an available translator every time. I can allocate 1, 2, 3 days or a certain number of hours per week only to work on your texts. In return you benefit from lower rates with significant volume discounts.


The Way North favicon   I will be 100% available for your business because we have signed a contract. The price is already discussed, you won’t pay any rush fees, and you will receive your translation by the time I finish it because you will not be put on hold as I have scheduled your translations into my agenda.


The Way North favicon   These contracts can be negotiated for days, weeks, months or even longer, and is a valuable service in periods when you have strong demands and need prompt delivery of Norwegian language services.


The Way North favicon   You will spend less time searching, negotiating and communicating with a new translator for each new project and save precious time and money.

Save money now! Ask for a Quantity Contract.