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Quality measuring in translation

Being member of 2 professional organisations and 1 large translator community is a proof of seriousness.

norfag Kristin Hogsve-Mouton member

norfag – Norsk fagoversetterforening



norfag is the Norwegian professional association for translators working with factual or non-fictional literature, more specifically technical, scientific, legal and medical texts, manuals, reports and websites.


I joined norfag in 2016 and you can take a look at my profile here. In order to deliver highest possible translation quality I follow the translation guidelines set by norfag. You can read these here.

SFT – Société française des traducteurs


I have been member of the SFT (the French National Union of Professional Translators) since 2013. You can have a look at my profile here. I also endorse the Code of Professional Conduct elaborated by the SFT.


This code of practice governs the professional conduct of the members of France’s national union of professional translators, the Société française des traducteurs. Members of the SFT agree to adhere in every circumstance to this code of practice and the principles, duties and professional standards it contains.

ProZ Kristin Høgsve-Mouton certified professionnal

ProZ.com – Large network of language professionals


When I started as a translator I marketed myself on the ProZ.com platform, the world’s largest online professional platform for translators. I have attended seminars and won translation contests in the community. A link to my profile is found here. I also follow the Professional guidelines of ProZ.com.


I only translate into my mother tongue to assure you get the highest quality of your documents. If you need other variants please do get in touch and I will recommend a fellow translator for you.