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Quality and loyalty

You can’t judge a book by its cover…


… and it’s hard to judge translation quality by the look of a website


It’s hard to know what you buy and what you’ll end up with in the end when you buy language services and cultural assistance online.


That’s why I have asked a few of my custumers to comment on my work and our relationships. Despite non disclosure agreements and confidentiality issues they have kindly agreed to say a few words about my services. 

Kristin Høgsve-Mouton collaboration diction

I am delighted to work on a weekly basis with Kristin Høgsve-Mouton, as she one of our most trusted Norwegian freelancer translators. Besides being a very pleasant person to work with, Kristin’s language services are always top notch. They are undoubtedly well researched and thoroughly translated, and Kristin is also our to-go person when it comes to translation of marketing material. Some of our clients specifically ask for Kristin, as they know she is pure quality. In addition to being a very skillful translator, Kristin is also flexible and available when it comes to proofreading and quality assurance, and we have used Kristin to test new freelance translators.

In short, I can recommend Kristin to everybody out there in need of language services and I guarantee that she will be a valuable acquisition for anybody who chooses to collaborate with her.



Alexander Rode
Project Manager
Diction ApS

Kristin Høgsve-Mouton collaboration Languewire


This is to confirm that we are cooperating with the translator Kristin Høgsve-Mouton by placing freelance translation and proofreading assignments with her. We have a good cooperation and Kristin Høgsve-Mouton translates for many of our most prestigious customers. She has handled 276 jobs for us since March 2013 within the language pairs Swedish, French, English, Danish into Norwegian and the work areas include: marketing, business, IT, Art and Culture and more.


Best regards,
Stine Soderberg
Supplier Relations Coordinator

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