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Frequently Asked Questions



Bokmål or Nynorsk?


There are two language variants in Norway, both equal from an administration point of view. However bokmål is more widely used in written language. If you are unsure of the variant you need, please get in touch and I will be able to help you get the right translation most suitable for your audience.



Where can I find more information on buying translation services?


I prefer to know that you have all the information and understanding you need before making a decision to buy Norwegian translation services. I often refer to the « Getting it right guide » from the SFT. Please take a look at my Quality page for more information.



What is this CAT-tool everyone is talking about?


Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) tools aid translators and linguists in increasing translation production. I also appreciate my SDL Trados program for helping me drive consistency in my work.



How do you establish word counts and how do you charge?


I price translations based on an electronic word count of the source document, with the word-counting feature of MS Word or SDL Trados. By using this method we know precisely what the cost will be before a projects starts. I do not count words manually, because it is imprecise and impractical to do so. Additionally, most clients require verifiable proof that the invoice is based on a correct word count.



Do you have a minimum fee?


I normally charge a minimum fee of 40€. This minimum fee applies whenever the word count times the translation rate per word equals an amount less than 40€. 



What do you mean by discretion?


The rates listed in this price sheet provide general cost guidance. I may apply different rates based on the difficulty and complexity of each individual project.



Do you have a preferred payment method?


I normally only accept wire transfer payments and French cheques (I know, it is so old-fashioned) within 30 days of delivery. However, if you have other requirements please get in touch so that we can find a suitable way of working together.



PC or Mac?


I work on a PC platform, and not with a MAC platform. If your source files are in MAC format, please call me to inquire about my ability to handle them. 



Do you require a contract?


Oral agreements may seem easy and informal, but they often lead to disputes. I rarely make you sign a contract but I will provide you with a clear and comprehensive estimate of the work you need, so you know exactly how much the service will cost, what is included and when it will be delivered. Isn’t that reassuring to you? It certainly is for me.

I would also be happy to sign a purchase order in the name of your company if you prefer.



Do you require a down payment?


Rarely. However, it depends on the amount of work, the deadline and if you are a new customer.



How do I pay you?


I accept payment by wire transfers and French cheques (I know, it is so old fashioned). The account you will be paying to is in the name of Webportage, the Managed service company (MSC) / the umbrella company who administers my accounts. There is no need to worry though, I am still the person in charge of invoicing and your unique contact person for all of our business. Please make sure you mention my invoice number on your transfer to facilitate the administration of invoices.



What’s included in your fee?


I give full service, from start to finish, including such elements as research, phone calls, travel time, reports, surveys, interviews, organisation of files, reading background materials, meetings, investigating the competition, outlining, writing, editing, proofing, revisions etc. Of course, all of these will not apply to every project, but we will define your needs together and put them down in writing in the service offer.


What if I don’t like the copy you submit?


I always welcome any comments you may have. Language is not an exact science and we all have preferences in the way we speak and write. In the event of disagreements about certain aspects of the translation I will correct these aspects in cooperation with you.


What if I change my mind?


If I have not started researching on behalf of your order I will not charge you anything, because we can all change our minds.

However if you have placed your order and cancellation takes place after the work has commenced, for whatever reason, I will charge for the work completed.

In some cases, if I had to decline offers from other clients because I accepted yours, I may also charge half of the price (fifty percent) for the uncompleted work. And I hope you will understand that.


What kind of deadlines do you offer?


Depending on the volume of your text and taken into account other projects I am working on I can deliver immediately after you have placed your order and the translation is done, or a few weeks ahead for larger projects. Just ask and I will do my best to meet your deadlines. Late night work is not a secret for independent translators and I want you to be satisfied.


What isn’t included in your fee?


I do not provide any extensive layout or design services as this is not my area of specialisation.


Do you provide layout and design?


You will receive the final text with the same layout as you provided to me. I do not provide any extensive layout or design services as this is not my area of specialisation.


Who owns the work you do for me?


Once my fees are paid, you have full ownership of all work I’ve done for you. I do retain the right to use those materials in my own promotional portfolio unless you have confidentially issues that would make such use detrimental to your business. Of course all such use on my website includes a link to your site.


Wonder if translators work in their pyjamas?