The Way North | Translate your content into selling Norwegian | Hjem
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Kristin Høgsve-Mouton The way north Working double

 Translate your content into selling Norwegian

Enable Your Brand to Increase its Market Share in Norway

Speed adoption of products and effectively engage with customers in your target segment.

Convince Norwegians in their own language with native Norwegian language services.

Your content will be translated by me, it will be 100% marketing oriented, spot free and

delivered on schedule so you can reach your sales goals and internal ambitions rapidly.

And you will get friendly service with the extra (s)mile.

Attention all Brands: I can boost your business.


Transform culturally sensitive content

Capture your target audience’s attention


Adapt and improve your existing communication

Increase their interest in your products


Fine-tune your texts to convince your target group

Reveal their desire


Tailor to cultural & demographical disparities

Lead your prospects and clients to action

Let’s go the way north together, shall we?